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Now is the time for us to start making difficult decisions.

By April, our sector will be nearing collapse due to the Government's underfunding & treatment of us... we MUST stand up and fight.

Our sector will continue to work closely with families, helping them to help them understand our critical circumstances and how to support us, however we recognise that no doubt, our sector will have to make some tough decisions that may upset some (striking against funding for example may be an option chosen by the sector).  Luckily the majority of families understand our predicament and will support us.


There won't be a 'one size fits all' approach to the real action we must take, but we hope that our sector will rally together and take a united stand against the Government and their awful treatment of us.

Here are a few examples of things you can do in order to have your voice heard:

1 - Sign the Petition for Increased Early Years Funding - now closed

This petition is now closed. The government responded in their typical way - trying to blind us with numbers. Follow this link to read their response.

We considered what they said, did the maths and published our response to them - see here

2 - Calculate your estimated costs for April 2023

Use this figure in your correspondence to MPs, parents etc to illustrate your deficit and why we need better funding/funding reform - we are suggesting a minimum £7.50 base rate across the Country in line with the rise of National Minimum Wage (since 1998, National Minimum Wage has increased by 289% compared to Early Years funding at 53%).

The cost calculator will give you a good idea of your provision's costings, allowing you to see the true picture of cost of delivery.  

Please do share your conclusions with us - good luck!

3 - Write to HRH Catherine Princess of Wales

HRH Catherine Princess of Wales is a key voice and advocate for the Early Years; let's write to her in mass, asking for her help and tap into the resources and exposure of the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.  Visit their website here:

HRH Princess of Wales
The Royal Foundation,

Centre for Early Childhood
c/o Kensington Palace,
W8 4PU

4 - Write to your MP

Download our template letter & email to your MP!  Encourage your parents to send emails to their MP too using our template editable letter!


Communicate your demands and warn them of the actions we will be taking in the future if we are ignored and realistic funding isn't provided.


We must co-ordinate as one voice!

Click HERE to find out who your MP is and their email address

Click HERE to download PROVIDER TO MP letter

Click HERE to download PARENT TO MP letter

5 - Write to your families

It's important that families understand the crisis our sector is facing.  We need to get them on board and supporting us as much as possible.


We are lucky in that we have so many wonderfully supportive parents and carers, however we MUST make them aware of what our plans are and how they can support us!




6 - Your own Funding Provider Agreement with your LA!

You read that right!  


The Government & Local Authorities NEED US to deliver funded hours and we must try our best to work with them.  We must be able to agree our own fair terms that reflect our unique and individual businesses, that allow us to be fairly funded, sustain a thriving nurturing provision, pay our practitioners fairly and provide affordable Early Years education to families!

Click on the picture to download a FREE editable version for your setting. (Link to be added soon once doc is finalised).

Please provide feedback on the agreement and also how you get on!

7 - 'In Setting' Action Weeks

We understand that some providers will not be able to partake in marches, strikes/lockouts, but that doesn't mean you're powerless!

Co-ordinated on set weeks to ensure maximum impact, we invite ALL EARLY YEARS PROVIDERS across the Country to join together in a demonstration of VOICE.  Why not invite families to come along for the day and create signs and banners demanding fairer funding.

TAKE A PICTURE AND SHARE, SHARE SHARE!!!  Share with your local newspapers, magazines, online news.  On social media, tag your MP, newspapers, radio stations (don't forget to tag us on social!) and especially share with us!


We will collate the images and publish on our website to show our solidarity whilst highlighting how far and wide the Government's neglect and mistreatment reaches.

We will provide template posters you may choose to download soon - providers and families are welcome to create their own banners or can buy ones designed by us to use if that's easier for your setting.  Shop to be published soon!

8 - London Protest in March 2023

We will be gathering our sector together and organising our first co-ordinated protest in London, in order to get the Government to finally listen to us, reach the media on mass and demand that our voices are heard:


  • Removal of 'childcare' and 'free' from all Government literature

  • Recognition

  • Policy Change

  • Levelling up of the funding and support in the sector

Click on the picture below for more information

9 - Funding Strike in April 2023

If, following our London protest, the Government don't agree to realistic funding of AT LEAST £7.50 per hour per child, agree to allow us to charge 'top ups' as outlined in our Funding Provider Agreements, EYE will support our sector to strike against the delivery of funded hours scheme, if this is the route settings wish to go down.


We understand it won't be for every setting, but there's a huge call from the sector to take some form of strike action, and we are listening.  Using our network of providers, we will email suggested dates/plans, alongside co-ordinating County hubs to support well planned strikes/lockouts:

  • County co-ordinated strikes (think dominos across the Country on different days according to County - allowing us to stay in the media for longer and make a bigger impact)

  • Followed by a mass strike in England for a period of time to be voted on by those who wish to get involved (1, 2, 3 days, a week etc)

  • We will also then look again at doing County protests alongside the strikes and the possibility of another London protest, should our community wish to go down this route.

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