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What have we done?

Protest at Downing Street:

On Saturday 24th June, after months of preparation, an estimated 300 of us gathered opposite the gates of Downing Street protesting at the treatment of the Early Years Sector and of children under 5.

Our Rights on Ribbons installation took centre stage, proudly displaying children's voices for all to see. The aim of this was to show that children's rights and needs should be at the centre of policy decisions.

People travelled from all over the country to help us get our points heard. Banners and placards with messages such as 'Fund our Children's Futures Fairly' were displayed and we handed out leaflets to passer-bys to help them understand what is happening, what the sector faces and the impact this will have on the next generation.

The two Claire Kenyons (founders of Early Years Equality) delivered a letter in person to Downing Street (see our blog to read what we said) supported by cheers and songs from our supporters. 


What next?

Change is not likely until the sector can unite as discussed in one of our recent blogs. To aid with this we have named September 'Early Years: In Conversation'. 

We will be sharing resources for you to use on your social media or in communication with your teams, other providers inthe area, your local authorities and MPs and parents. We will also be initiating our own disscusions on social media, aiming to get everyone talking about the rights of children to have quality early childhood experiences and the importance of providers to being funded well enough to do this sustainably whilst paying their professionals a fair salary. 

Sign up here to recieve updates on how you can participate.

In the mean time, we would love as many settings as possible to participate in creating their own Mini Rights on Ribbons Trees as detailed here.

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