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A question to our Government from Early Years Equality.

How can you say we are a civilised country and value equal rights, when as policy makers you are devaluing and creating inequality for our youngest children?

Is it acceptable for young children to be treated differently because of their age and because of the financial status of their parents?

Would it be acceptable for this rule to be applied to children aged 5-18?

Early Years Equality is fighting for equal rights to a high quality Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) for ALL children, ensuring that NO child is left behind.

Every child has the right to equal levels of Early Childhood Education and Care THROUGH PROPER, APPROPRIATE FUNDING.

We are currently around 100% underfunded.

We will be protesting outside Downing Street on the 18th March 2023. Join us to fight for equal rights for children aged 0-5. We are preparing to launch our operation #coachestolondon. Together we can take a stand against inequalities in Early Childhood Education and Care. Sign up here now!

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