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Change of Protest Date

The train strikes announced on 18th March meant that many of our supporters would be unable to attend. We wanted to organise coaches but did not have enough time to sort this out before then. Therefore after much discussion we made the decision to postpone until June 24th!

This gives us time to make it bigger, better and more effective. We hope that there won't be another train strike but if there is, we are already working on our #coachestolondon plan. We will need funds for this so keep your eyes out for a fundraiser so that you can contribute what you can. Nearer the time, individual tickets will be available to purchase when we have confirmed routes. For now - sign up here - even if you had signed up before. We need a good idea of how many are coming and how many would ideally like a space on a coach so that we can make this work. Once signed up, read our blog post on 'rights on ribbons', add to your contacts so that you don't miss our email updates and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you can!

See you on June 24th!

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