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Childcare Market Abuse by the Government

In 2017, Champagne Nurseries Lemonade Funding produced a shocking report showing the full extend of how the Government is monopolising our sector.

Abuse of the Market

The Government’s abuse extends to four main areas:

  1. The Government controls the purchase price at which they purchase childcare from private providers.

  2. The Government controls the selling price of childcare for its FREE hours policies which are ‘free’ to parents.

  3. The Government abuses its position as the steward of this public market by using its legislative powers to pass laws that affect this market to the benefit of the Government and to the detriment of the market’s participants.

  4. The Government has damaged the reputation of the childcare market via its abuse of the market. Childcare costs have been driven up due to the fact that PVIs need to generate additional revenue in order to make up the shortfall between the real cost of childcare and the price the Government pays for these FREE hours from PVIs.

To read the full report, click below:

Download PDF • 461KB

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