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Getting ready for the protest

Just over two weeks until we meet at Downing Street protesting at the way in which the government treats children under 5 and the Early Years Sector.

Things to do before then:

  • Encourage as many people as you can to come along as well

  • Make signs/banners with messages that make our point!

  • Talk to children about what makes them happy or feel safe - write these on ribbons to hang on our Rights on Ribbons installation

  • Write down your own thoughts or thoughts of other adults on what children deserve on ribbons as well

On the Day:

  • Wear something red/orange/yellow if you can

  • Take a photo on your way and at the protest. Share on social media and don't forget to tag us! Instagram (@early_years_equality), Facebook (@earlyyearsequality) and Twitter (@earlyyearsequal). Use the hashtags #eyeprotest2023 #rightsforunder5s #earlychildhoodmatters

Some suggested slogans/phrases for your signs:

'Fund Children's Futures Fairly'

'The Early Years: Undervalued, Underfunded and Underpaid'

'Children's development must come before the economy'

'Underfunded NOT expensive'

'Rights for under 5's'

'Who are you calling a 'childcare worker'??'

Though get creative and come up with your own if you can. Only thing we would ask is not to use the word 'childcare' unless you are being derogatory - we very firmly feel that the term contributes to the lack of value placed on our role.

Rights on Ribbons:

Use ribbons approximately 2-3cm wide, any colour that can be written on and about 30-40cm long. We used a handwriting pen in this example, though a fabric pen should also work. In this example another ribbon was used for tieing onto the installation but you can also just leave a gap before the words for this.

We can't wait to see you there!

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