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Protest plan - how you can help

Plan of the day:

- 1pm start, meet at gates of Downing Street. Wear something red/yellow/orange, bring your banners, ribbons and anything you want to use to make a bit of noise!

- 2pm, the two founders of EYE (both Claire Kenyons) will be allowed through the gates to hand deliver a letter explaining the views, requests and demands of the early years sector. Please cheer as we go in and come out!

- We will likely begin dispersing by 3pm.

We are hoping for a few hundred people, but this is not going to be the biggest protest ever as the early years sector is still so invisible. Therefore, we NEED this to be seen and heard so that we can begin to make progress at unifying the sector in fighting for the rights of children and our own rights to a well-paid respected career.

How else can you help?

- If you have any media contacts – tell them about us and the protest!

- Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and share our posts to your stories so that more people see them.

- Post on your social media about your journey to the protest and during the protest. Tag us - @earlyyearsequality (Facebook), @earlyyearsequal (Twitter), @early_years_equality (Instagram). Use the hashtags #rightsforunder5s and #eyeprotest2023

- Print out copies of our black and white leaflet to distribute to people walking by.

black and white flier eye
Download DOCX • 85KB

- Use the following details to share your photos and thoughts with the BBC – do this before the day, on the way to the protest and during the protest. If they are bombarded by us, then maybe they will listen!

Ways to share a story with the BBC -

WhatsApp 07756165803

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