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The protest is fast approaching!

There is now just under a month to go until our protest on June 24th. Details as follows:

- Meet at the gates of Downing Street at 1pm. We don't envision being there for more than a couple of hours.

- Wear something red/orange/yellow if you can

- Bring along ribbons with the needs/wishes/rights of children written on to hang on our Rights on Ribbons installation. See our blog on this for more information.

- Bring banners/placards - we will send out some suggestions of things you might like to write nearer the time but feel free to come up with your own!

We are protesting for the rights of children to well funded early childhood experiences provided by well paid and valued professionals. Alongside this our aims are to raise the value placed on the early years sector (including moving away from the degrading term 'childcare' currently used to describe us) and to unite the sector so that we can be heard better in future.

Unfortunately our plan to provide coaches will not be feasible due to the lack funds raised, lack of time to coordinate this, and the amount those wanting coaches are spread across the country. If you know of others in your area who may be interested in attended and you will be organising a coach yourself please let us know so that we can advertise it. If you were hoping for a coach we hope that you will be able to find another way to attend!

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