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This Weeks' Developments

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Wow! What a fantastic response we've had! From launching our Website just 4 days ago, our inbox has been bursting at the seams with people signing up for the fight! Thank you to each and every one of you... we look forward to keeping you updated on the progress.

So far this week, we've been aiming to develop our online social media presence. It became apparent very quickly that the Early Years sector has an outdated, antiquarian approach to spreading the word about the crisis we face. Would you believe on Instagram there are NO tags for #earlyyearsunderfunding and fewer than 100 tags for #earlyyearscrisis and #saveearlyyears??? What on earth have the people we pay our subscriptions to, to promote awareness of our crisis and help change the environment we're all struggling in??? We aim to be the voice of Early Years and to drum up that much need publicity and to facilitate change.

We've created an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tic Tok account to start and will be using these to get our message out there. We'll also be putting together a series of podcasts where you can have your voice heard. If you'd like to be interviewed and get your story out there, please get in touch with us.

We ultimately need toGET MORE PEOPLE SIGNED UP to our website - which is why it's so important for our community to keep sharing our website and posts.

Next week, we'll be getting in touch with SIPTU Big Start who were key leaders in the changes to the Early Years sector in Ireland. We are hoping to engage with them soon obtaining information and advice on how to empower much needed and demanded change in England. Obviously our demands will be different and the strategies we use reflective of this. But we need to hear from you -


What would you like us to campaign for?

  • 0%Realistic Funding

  • 0%Removal of the word 'free' from funding policy/advertising

  • 0%Abolish business rates

  • 0%If you'd like to add another topic, please contact us below

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Demanding change in the Early Years sector
Early Years Equality

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