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This Weeks' Update!

Ohhhh we've had a busy few weeks! But to round up, we have:

  • Organised a January 2023 meeting with Joel from Pregnant Then Screwed to talk 'collaboration' on spreading the word for Early Years.

  • Given interviews to both Nursery World Magazine & Open Democracy on the crisis within Early Years, calling for a complete overhaul of funding and policy.

  • Made a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency re the Government's misleading use of the word 'FREE', with the challenge to get this word permanently removed from policy - we'll keep you updated on this one!

  • Been in touch with several law firms enquiring about the feasibility of taking the Government to court over their monopolisation of the funding - they control both the sale and purchase price, effectively managing our sector out of business... - we'll keep you posted on this too!

  • Continued to gather County Reps contact information (THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has stepped forward to volunteer! YOU are the ones who will help push forward the change our sector needs!). We are aiming to co-ordinate our first online meet in Jan, so stay tuned to your Inbox! We are still looking for more County reps so get in touch if you'd like to help the fight!

  • Continued to push our Protest in March 2023, to protest against the Government's treatment of our sector.

Next week, we'll be aiming to:

  • Continue working hard on the planning of the Protest in March - inviting key influential people to give a speech, notifying the Police and planning routes etc. PLEASE SHARE THE WORD!

  • Looking to officially form EYE into an Association, and make us a legal entity - This will help us to fight EVEN HARDER for you...

  • Make contact with all the LAs in England and ask them to help join us fight - so far, we've received really supportive feedback from LAs and hope they will jump on board - We'll keep you posted on this!

  • Publish our official Action Plan 👊


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