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Who are we?

Early Years Equality was brought to life in response to the Governments' repeated failures to support our sector, whist imposing unachievable restrictions on us.  They are failing our children and we've simply had enough.

Our group is made up of professionals who dedicate their lives to the children and families we work with. Despite years of shouting and seeking help for our struggling sector, our Government have refused to listen or act to ensure our sustainability or to secure an Early Years education system that supports our children, families and our sector.  Unforunately the Early Years Sector

is fragmented making it difficult to rally together and make ourselves heard. This is what we are trying to change.

Help us to unite the sector, raise the value placed on early childhood and fight for children's right to quality early childhood experiences provided by well paid valued professionals. 

What do we aim to achieve?

To put it simply we aim to stop the current degradation of Early Childhood. We KNOW quality early years experiences has a MASSIVE link to life outcomes. The funding and treatment of the early years sector does not equate to the importance of our role. It is degrading to us and it is degrading to children under 5 who deserve proper investment in their future. 

To achieve this we need to:

  1. Stop being referred to under the 'childcare' umbrella. Family members caring for children is incredibly valuable in a child's life but that does not mean it is the same as what we do. While we are called 'childcare' we will not be valued or seen as an important part of a child's early childhood development. We will continue to be seen as the people that look after children so that parents can go and do real jobs. 

  2. Be offered funding at a level that enables us to sustainably run a business, make a living, provide quality early childhood experiences AND pay our staff a fair salary.

  3. Be exempt from paying business rates - saving providers approximately £12,640 per year on average.

How can you help?

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You can sign up to join in with September's plans - Early Years: A Conversation. There will be a range of ways you can join in depending on your capacity to help, some as simple as sharing an image to your social media

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