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To raise awareness of the crisis that the early years sector is facing and to gather support we are aiming to facilitate discussion and conversation within the sector and with wider society throughout September. Sign up below to recieve regular updates about how you can participate. More information will be added as the month goes on. 

Ideas will be listed here with resources you can use, you are welcome to join in in whatever form you have capacity for whether that is just loading something to your social media stories, sending out a letter or something bigger! 

One: Create your own mini rights on ribbons trees. See this blog for more information. Don't forget to send us photos and tag us in your social media.

Two: Explain to your team, parents and/or society what we mean when we say we are underfunded. Be specific. This blog will give you more information to help you with this. 

Early Years: In Conversation

Sign up to participate (in whatever form you have capacity for - there is no requirement to do everything!)

Thanks for registering. Please email us on if you have any queries or ideas for our future action

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